Friday, February 27, 2009

The Gabe Pruitt Saga Ends Abruptly.

Alas, poor Gabe, we hardly knew ye. Since when does TMZ have time for backup point guards who are about to be demoted ot the D-League?

Also, OF COURSE HE WAS DRINKING. He just lost his job to a dude that is considered to be the scum of the fucking planet. LA is lucky he didn't occupy a tower and shoot nurses.

Sadly, I like Gabe Pruitt. I want him to play more so we can move Eddie house to the two on the second rotation. However, this is going to be impossible with the addition of Starbury. My mixed emotions on that coming soon. Until then, good night sweet Gabe.

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Phony Gwynn said...

Unfortunately, "Let's do it to it like Pruitt used to do it" now means "let's drink a half-dozen vodka cranberrys and go cruising for she-male hookers."