Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Which J.C. Did Jay Cutler Play Like? Numero Dos

I do not like our, as human beings, inability to discern sarcasm in text messaging.

I was late getting to the bar Sunday, and I got a message from my buddy Berg. All it said was "Looking solid so far."

Great, I thought. We might have a chance.

But when I got to the bar, the harsh reality of our cold, digital world smacked me upside the head before I could even order a beer: 21-3 San Diego, early second quarter.

I should have stayed in bed.

So which J.C. did Jay Cutler play like?

First half:
John Clayton: Indecisive, poor, pathetic.

Second half:
Jay Cutler: Solid, decisive, improving.

Now, we're still in this thing. Cutler definitely improved on his 4 for 11 first half, with a couple of quick touchdowns to open the third quarter. But the second was merely a nice tip by Tony Scheffler to himself; it's very possible that one might have been picked off otherwise.

But we're nitpicking here. Cutler played well enough to conceivably come away with a victory - if the Broncos weren't playing the best team in the NFL.

And, no, I'm not being sarcastic.

Which J.C. Did Jay Cutler Play Like? #1

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Berg said...

Next time I'll be sure to italicize my sarcasm... wait, you can't do that in text messaging either.