Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Paying the Piper

So, the AL is all but wrapped up, and it looks like the Pretzel Factory got a few things right, for once. We picked the Red Sox. That, though it was shaky, seems to be working out. Then, there were the A's-- boy did WE back the wrong horse. Oh, and the Tigers (yeah...). And the Wild Card did not come out of the Central (though we knew the Indians would make the playoffs). And the Yankees did, in fact make the playoffs.

OK, so we were wrong. A lot. But it brings up a good point. It doesn't matter how far out a franchise seems to be-- when they are close to the top, they bubble over and find ways to stay relevant. The Celtics piled weapons and found KG. The Yankees patched together a pitching staff out of bubble gum and iodine. Soccer teams do stuff. In general, the teams that always seem to win have the greatest luck. Sure, there are smart decision-makers, but think about some of the names that populate these teams in their hardest times and come through in the clutch. I would have forgotten men like Scott Brosius had some assface (who was telling me that the Red Sox had no chance in the East just two days ago) wasn't sporting his jersey despite not being able to button it. There's a thousand of these names (Shelley Duncan and Ryan Gomes-- a sticking point in the KG deal most recently).

It may be impossible to pick these damn seasons perfectly, but I'll tell you what: I may not pick against the Yankees to make the playoffs until the league forces them to rebuild with some sort of salary cap. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I can't. There, I admit it.

ALSO: J.D. Drew is hitting. I should mention that since I was such an asshole about it. I still don't trust him, but dammit, I have to cheer for him again now. Maybe (hopefully?) I was wrong about him too.

Coming soon: Paying the piper, National League edition (once the Mets decide if they have any balls whatsoever).

EDIT: Link Dump: Smear the Queer has beaten us in the imaginary "how to classify the Mets latest futilities" contest. Just a perfect piece of writing.


will said...

oh the mets have balls. that's what their pitching staff throws instead of strikes.

Business or Leisure? said...

Well played, young rogue. Come to the party at my house on Friday, won't you? The Mets will be on in the background.

will said...

the mets in the background? good, i can drink myself to death. i hope you will enjoy your new gay filipino rug.

Phony Gwynn said...

You point out an assface wearing a Scott Brosius jersey or shirt, and I'll show you some twatmuffin about to have my foot wedged next to his esophagus.

I fucking HATE Scott Brosius.

Business or Leisure? said...

Yeah, let's add Brosius to the banana-eating shitpuffs list.