Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lost & Found: Manhood

No more "Which J.C. did Jay Cutler Play Like?" around here anymore. The reasons are: a) the answer has been the same pretty much every week (read: kinda shitty, with little nougats of goodness thrown in to mix it up), b) he's young and doesn't deserve the criticism, next John Elway, all that PC glad-handling wish-wash hullaballoo, and c) nobody gives a ratcock, anyway.

So it's done. Good. Whatever.

But in order to placate my ego, and further shat upon this now-dismal team, I introduce a new feature: Lost & Found with the Denver Broncos!

This week:

Dre' Bly's jock.

This item was found by Ross Kurcab, head turf manager at Invesco Field at Mile High, during Monday night's post-game walk-through. It was laying near the east sideline, a few yards shy of midfield.

If anyone knows or sees Dre', please let him know that we have his jockstrap. And Brett Favre has his testicles. Oh - Greg Jennings has his nose, too.


Business or Leisure? said...

Any word on where Ashley Lelei's sense of humanity? Somewhere under the bleachers?
I know I didn't spell his name right. It's cool.

Phony Gwynn said...

Probably in Iowa, where I think he's playing for the Arena League IV Waterloo Wankers. Or something.

And no worries. I feel bad for bumping your World Series post from the top spot so quick with a post predominantly featuring a men's athletic supporter.

And one featuring a jockstrap.