Sunday, October 26, 2008

Good news - Hooray!

This post serves many purposes: 1) It makes me feel good. You don't know how important that is. 2) It's positive. As positive as I can be without involving some kind of blood test. C) I haven't written about anything in a while. See #s 1 AND 2.

First off, the Avalanche. They've won 5 in a row after starting the season off 0-3. This is a first for the Pretzel Factory: for whatever reason (lack of knowledge, lack of coverage, lack of enthusiasm, lack of ... well, anything, really), we here have not written about hockey. Ever. And that's a goddamn shame, along the lines of Yvette from Clue never getting her due. Man, she was hot.
Fantastic cleavage. Fantastic.

So, cheers, Avs. Peter Budaj has been solid in goal (although that can likely fall apart soon), Ryan Smyth has been scoring some of his patented pain-in-the-ass goals, Milan Hejduk has been on fucking fire, and the blue liners have been good enough. It's early, and they're going to have to play above their heads all year, but the early output looks promising. Too bad I don't have fucking Versus. God damn Time Warner.

Secondly, the Colorado State fucking Rams. I just ordered a CSU shirt today. Gold, Large, normal block lettering. I've been reluctant to wear my college's colors because ... well, they've sucked, and I'm fat and almost 30. But after squeezing by the inept San Diego State Aztecs 38-34 this weekend, the Rammies are 4-4 and 2-2 in conference. They've got BYU coming up, but after that they've got Air Force, New Mexico and Wyoming; two of those three are very winnable, and if they can get a few breaks against AF, all three. If they take all three, they're a bowl team since the Mountain West has been the best non-BCS conference all year long, bar none. So that's something to hope for, as long as hope is available.

Thirdly, the Broncos didn't lose! They didn't play, but still ... it's a start. The Chargers got all wickered up in they knickers in London, and the Donkeys are a game and a half up in the division almost halfway through the year. Look, I'm not going to sugarcoat it - they're not good. They should be a wildcard team, at best. But when life gives you your neighbors' piss and a free bag of sugar, you make lemonade. So I will.

Fourthly, the Nuggets ... well, I'm not going to talk about the Nuggets. I had some friends over, made a sweet sausage Strata, wolfed down some cannolis, drank some wine and some PBR - I've got a good buzz going. Please don't make me ruin it by thinking about the inevitable trade of A.I. Please. Please. Thanks.

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