Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Order of Operations: Fire at the Architectural Institute

Here it is: the list of ten teams I will be interested in watching as the season progresses, in order of their importance. This list will change as this season progresses, injuries pile up and trades rock the boat. Remember two things: I don't care if the team is bad if they are fun to watch and defense does count in some cases. This week is an overall season ideal, so I am going to talk about the teams I like the most, in a way. You can bet We'll be covering teams in the top ten playing one another, when it happens. Knowing our history with these promises, you might lose that bet.

1) Houston-- Let's see, same offense with a further developing Carl Landry, adds Ron Artest and become a defensively brilliant team? OK, I'm in.

2) Boston-- They're my team man.

3) New Orleans-- I distrust David West to this day, despite his success. If he falters, this team will tumble. But the top ten (and this blog overall) honors Chris Paul as the architect of brilliance.

4) Toronto-- RUN BOSH RUN.

5) Portland (come January)-- I already love this team. Developing Oden? Only makes me want them more.

6) Orlando-- Weird how they are even on this list since I hate Florida. Can't help it, they are exciting. I love Dwight, but there's a lot to this team night after night.

7) Golden State (Come Monta-time)-- Nellyball makes me happy despite the terrible defense and inability to win against faster, more talented teams due to that terrible defense.

8) Philly-- They will be fun to watch, but they are overrated. I believe this.

9) Atlanta-- No way they are lower than 10th, Sports Illustrated. Those dudes are fucking ATHLETES. They can make the playoffs, and I am excited to see it.

10) Los Angeles (Lakers)-- How good are they? Is Bynum "back?" Dunno, but they are going to run and run well. This equals fun.

Honorable mention(s): Miami and New York, but only becuase I got a ticket to the Knicks opener.

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Phony Gwynn said...

Do Oden's bones turn to dust in this magical fairytale land?

And this part of the blog votes for the brilliance that is Adam Morrison. Lulling everybody to sleep with his inability to get minutes, shaving his head, and then one day ... BOOM! He busts out for 12 against the Bucks.