Saturday, November 15, 2008

Order of Operations 2: The Delirium Waltz

Here it is: the list of ten teams I will be interested in watching as the season progresses, in order of their importance. This list will change as this season progresses, injuries pile up and trades rock the boat. Remember two things: I don't care if the team is bad if they are fun to watch and defense does count in some cases. This week is "progression", so I want to see these teams at least once this week. You can bet we'll be covering teams in the top ten playing one another, when it happens. Knowing our history with these promises, you might lose that bet.

1) Atlanta Hawks: For real? Don't care. Fun as hell until one of the starters inevitably goes down.

2) New Orleans: Chris Paul, still my savior.

3) Toronto: Rock those, glock hoes, I'm hungover on a Saturday morn.

4) Boston Celtics: Turnovers, bad offensive spacing, and general inept lineup changes are forcing them into large deficits. They can only overcome so much. Thought the loss the the Nuggets was bad, they got their shooters involved a little more.

5) Golden State: I love Nellyball. I just do. Plus, I love Biedrins.

6) Portland: Shoulda beaten San Antonio. Plus, the Oden transition period is going to last awhile. Still, I want to watch them as much as possible the next two or three weeks.

7) Cleveland: LeBron and co. are going to have a weird week. Trust me on this. They draw and injured Utah, but they get the Hawks (I'm watching that shit) and Pistons this week. Interesting week for a team trying to figure out it's scoring rotation.

8) Knicks: Am I saying this? They are fun as shit to watch. This will deteriorate, but for now, the team is buying in. They get Cleveland soon (25th), so that ought to be fun.

9) Houston: Until Battier comes back and makes this an explosion of role-playing contenders.

10) Detroit: Beating LA gets props even if you are my enemies, mortally. Cleveland lurks.

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