Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seymour: An Introduction

First and foremost, I am not named Seymour. I just wanted to sound literary for a moment. It should also be noted that I have NO IDEA what I'm doing writing for a sports blog (other than my fascination with cultural trends—old and new). Mainly, I was approached due to my candor and belligerence surrounding the idea of sports. I have a proclivity for noting trends and ridiculous patterns well after everyone else. For example, Eli Manning has a facial tick where when he is confused he shakes his head no, searches for eye contact, and repeats the process all the way to the sideline. This happens every time the Giants' offense doesn't score. I'm sure you already read about this, but I just noticed this week.

In fact, I'll start with the faults: I cannot predict games, I am no good with exact stats, and I rarely make sense when trying to eloquently state my position regarding certain instances, teams or players. I can neither tell you why we or I watch sports nor can I describe the emotions involved therein. I am not very funny. I was never all too fantastic at sports. I don't know where or how to break any "journalistic" stories. I miss events the first time around. My observational skills are vapid and weak.

This leaves me with precious little to expound. I'm an outsider. Instead of relying on keen observational skills, I'm going to rely on time and thought. I'll be reporting not from the sidelines, but from the empty bleachers one week later—articles and notes from the end of the dilemma rather than the moment they occur. Once a week, you'll hear from "Outside the Aviary." Referential to a ludicrous and nameless degree (like the title itself), the articles you'll get every Tuesday or Wednesday are an experiment. We'll see how long it lasts.

Here goes.

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