Monday, November 27, 2006

Oh ESPN, Where Is Thy Stain?

Mark it in history. Today, November 27th, 2006 is officially the day I switch from ESPN's juggernaut of a website to another major sports news website. Why the hasty change? Why the wierd Snoop-Raven Simone picture? Glad you asked, friend. Today's headline on That's So Raven-ous. The pun is referencing the beatdown the Baltimore Ravens administered yesterday and, of all things, a Disney Network show "That's So Raven"-- a show with a target audience of braindead 9 to 14 year-olds-- starring the aforementioned Simone.

Readers, you make the call as to whether or not this marketing crossover makes any sense or if it is intentional at all on DisnEySPN's behalf. Meanwhile, John Clayton looks even gayer (somehow) by having his article's lead in referencing the girl who destroyed the Cosby show.

Why do I feel like Homer Simpson screaming, "YOU JUST LOST YOURSELF A CUSTOMER!"?

Oh, right.

With that-- I'm off to a funeral (no, seriously...).

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Anonymous said...

You explained Raven, but why Snoop Dogg?

Please call (304) 284-0911. I would very much like a personal response to this query.

I answer to George