Friday, June 29, 2007

Not-So-Extended Hiatus


So, Phony and I are embarking upon our own adventures: I to the woods, he to somewhere more civilized. During this time, there will be no posting (something shocking to our devoted fan, I'm sure). Until the time where we will tickle you fancies again, I'm offering a chilling vision of things to come:

Phony is going to report on speaking to Mike Dunleavy Jr. in the airport.

More Escape Engine madness!

A full report on the Philadelphia version of the East Coast Pants Party (if I can afford to go).

A state of emergency report on having missed a week of baseball.

A love story between a man and his full court mini basketball zone (AKA my den).

An "Outside the Aviary" look at crowd-functions and their affect on fandom.

An interview with some blogger somewhere that will be funny, maybe. Perhaps Signal-To-Noise will accept the challenge?

And a one-year fun-a-bration so absurd, you may have to call in sick just to read it.

There is so much more on the horizon as well. Your Pretzel Factory still loves you even though it has to leave. Trust us, we will come back refreshed and ready to tackle non-issues like never before. Be safe during this, the most American fucking holiday fucking like EVER, motherfuckers. FUCK.


Signal to Noise said...

You have whipped out the white glove, and in response, I have no choice but to accept your challenge, to defend my honor!

(I make no promises on actual hilarity.)

will said...

you're going to the woods? i hope you've got sleater-kinney in your pack