Friday, June 08, 2007

Voting for Vanity

Apparently, the Ladies... blog is putting together a way to finally settle the question: which basement-dwelling lurker has the hottest face to bod ratio? It's the all-male blogger revue! Our representative, Phony Gwynn (though he could've TRIED to send in a good picture) is an 8 seed or something. Vote now at the Ladies... blog ( under "AFC North." I would link it, but my computer is fucked and the hyperlink button is not appearing on my friend's computer. APOLOGIES.

Seriously, though. Give us a reason to live. You know you want to. Otherwise, you'll end up throwing Phony down a hill and he'll yell "AAAAAAASSSSSSS YYYYYYYYYOOOOOOUUUUU WWWWWIIIIIIIISSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH" and you'll realize you loved him all along. No one wants that, right?

1 comment:

Phony Gwynn said...

Yes, I'm so incredibly vain that I'm actually going to ask the Ladies... if they'll let me send in another picture.

But seriously, a #9?!?!? I'm a straight fuckin' three in that division, fo' real son.