Wednesday, March 05, 2008

George Karl's Lawyer Is A Functional Illiterate, Possibly A 13-year-old Girl

As many of you have probably heard, a cartoonist by the name of Andrew Feinstein recently started up a little blog called And oh, what a sensation it's become.

George Karl's lawyer, Bret Adams, got into the act by infamously e-mailing Feinstein. Hilarity ensued.

Before the Nuggets took down a tired Suns team 126-113 in Denver, I decided to get in on the fun, too. I wrote Adams an e-mail and tagged it "A heads-up."

I have been saying numerous bad things about your client lately, especially last week when they struggled to put away a poor Clippers team that was missing two of its top three players.

Maybe you should sue me into bankruptcy.


A Nuggets Fan Living In New York Who Thanks The Heavens For and is contemplating starting

The response was quick, and cobra-like.

Sorry you have so little going on in your life.

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How did he know that all I do is work, fornicate, play Wii and drink?

After I responded that I was "[s]orry I don't have the entire internet laughing at me," Adams retorted with this gem:

Actually only people like u without a life, can deal with that

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Adams then decided to take time out of his Wednesday to:

  • swing by Forever 21 to check out the collection of spring skirts
  • Google Image some shots of Chad Michael Murray from "One Tree Hill"
  • flirt with the new counter guy at Jamba Juice
  • play three games of Solitaire and two games of Free Cell
  • ask Brittany about that knockoff Coach bag she bought in Chinatown
  • download the new Vanessa Hudgens song on iTunes
After some head-scratching regarding his previous statement I unleashed the fury on Adams, mocking his sentence structure, age, intelligence, and ability to speak in his native tongue.

Thankfully, he didn't write back.


Bryan said...

This is really pushing the limits of fantasticness.

Pete said...

You bastards make me smile.

C Gally said...

The dude has an iPhone, and wants you to know it. He's more important than you.

Sent from my Motorola P.O.S.

Anonymous said...


The Duke of Kickball said...

My name is Elmer J. Fudd. I am a millionaire. I own a mansion and a yacht.

Skylar said...

Only people like u without a life, could come up with something so entertaining.

Phony Gwynn said...

Hey, now, the comments aren't supposed to be funnier than the post.

Well done, everyone.

Camp Tiger Claw said...

YOU SIR are the cobra.

The Sports Hernia said...

Interesting fact: Lionel Hutz's briefcase contains an apple and only an apple.

Business or Leisure? said...

omg I just wake up from flu wat I misss OH HOLKY FUCK WH