Monday, March 19, 2007

Stupid Idea: Parts Duex and, uh, Three.

More of the cursed live blog of the NCAA Tournament. I'd put up part four, but I was so shitfaced the night before, I spent most of today trying not to throw up after drinking Vitamin Water. Such is life.

Here's some highlights:

Man, this rim is making the terrible Albany shot selection seem even worse with the way CBS miked it. That and the fact that Albany is terrible right now. Good lord, they are jacking them up as soon as their little arms can get a shot off now. UVA 13-2 after a three ball.Apparently, their coach has seen enough. Me too. I'm switching to GA Tech.

Did Vern Lundquist just say that people in the south are all fat? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE.

Why hold the ball, Calipari? You are running them to death and you play conservatively? You fucking idiot. This is why you get caught cheating. It's because you are stupid.

TAMCCU is up 10 to 0 right now. Nothing but blocked shots and big shots for those boys thus far. They are going to kill Wisconsin. Poor Wisconsin. There's just no love for the little colleges, y'know?

Why the fuck would you run a defensive set designed to trap at the wing against one of the best penetrating point guards in America? The answer is, you are stupid Sean Miller.

Um, Drew Lavender is better than Mike Conley right now. Eight points better... and a turnover. Holy shit.52-44 in favor of the smarmy dude at your office that brings this game up just to say he picked Xavier 'cause his friend's little brother goes there.

And yet, like every other coach in this moronic fucking league, Xavier decides to waste the clock and end up with a double clutch shitty shot from beyond the FT line. Fucking retarded, Drew Lavender and Sean Miller. Just idiotic. If OH ST comes back, I blame that last possession. The long rebound created puts up a stopped clock and a man on on the line. MORONIC

So, what the fuck happened here? Xavier gave their game away, as I mentioned. Fucking stupid decisions by the coach. NEVER take the air out of the ball if you have a team on the ropes. Keep attacking. Keep pressing and frustrating.If you take the air outta the ball you take the skill away from the players that got you there. Disheartening, becuase those players will forever know that they had it, and their coach let it get away. Sucks for them.


Part 3:

There you have it-- a failed experiment to end all failed experiments. Anyone wanna hire a live blogger? CHEAP.

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