Sunday, April 05, 2009


I love this fucking UNC team. I love them more than Bill Hicks, more than finding money in the pockets of jackets I haven't worn in a while, more than Tiger Woods 09 on the Wii, more than Akiri Kurosawa films, more than big men who can reliably hit a midrange jumper, more than blowjobs, more than a long shower after a day of traveling or moving, more than bacon cooked to perfection, more than transcendent performances like LeBron's fourth quarter in Game Five against the Pistons, more than a Songs: Ohia album on an early morning subway ride, more than new socks, more than old hats, more than the sound of one ball bouncing on the hardwood in an empty gym, more than my stepmom who is quite possibly the nicest person on the planet, more than payday, more than morning sex, more than getting an unexpected gift, more than scotch on the rocks, more than King Wilkie when my friend John-O was in the band, more than hamburgers that make you think about cutting it in half just to attack it, more than a perfectly executed pick-and-roll, more than quickly and correctly putting together a piece of IKEA furniture, more than writing, more than unselfishness on the fast break, more than sleeping in, more than the smell after it rains, more than harmlessly tossing something into the trash only to have it miraculously bounce off three things and go in, more than J.R. Smith lighting it up off the bench, more than the first day of March Madness, more than Kurt Vonnegut, more than a cigar at a wedding, more than every quotable line from Major League, more than The Wire, more than jeans that have been broken in just right, more than hearing people laugh at your joke, more than a Salvador Dali exhibit, more than Cool Ranch Doritos, more than a Gary Smith story, more than listening to Walt Frazier, more than a beer after going a few days without one, more than walking in New York on a beautiful day, more than cracking jokes and making references with friends at a game that nobody else in the stands gets, more than House of Games, more than an unplanned kiss, more than Phillip Seymour Hoffman, more than the Dustin Pedroia and Tim Lincecum video game commercials, more than Langston Hughes and Theme for English B, more than chicken quesadillas, more than hearing your name called out during sex, more than getting a seat on a crowded subway, more than a good shit, more than tax refunds, more than Carmelo's ability to score, more than Ninja Warrior, more than buybacks, more than the Onion AV Club, more than NBA playoff games that go into overtime, more than Immanuel Kant's beliefs on metaphysics, more than the day I got my braces off, more than watching stupid people fail, more than Alec Baldwin acting like Tracy Morgan's family on 30 Rock, more than foreplay, more than all the good times and great experiences I have had, will have, or have presently, more than all of it-- all.


Brian said...

Savor basketball enjoyment for now, the NBA playoffs fast approacheth and the Nuggets are in line to get swept as a high seed for a change.

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